Let me share my experience on eye floaters. I sympathize with the other people who suffer from this condition and I hope to share my thoughts, knowledge and experiences to them. I hope that this short write up would somehow serves as inspiration and guide to those who fear for this similar condition.

I started to have eye floaters about four years ago. I was 43 years old at that time, a mom to two kids and a work-at-home wife. I first found out about the existence of floaters one day as I was hanging some clothes in our backyard. I was hanging white bedsheets and noticed some squiggly lines drifting about my sight. I disregarded the experience for some days but eventually saw my doctor after two weeks.

My doctor confirmed that I have eye floaters. Since my eye floater condition was not serious, my doctor did not recommend any kind of treatment. However, the knowledge of having something with no treatment caused me to worry much and thus gave me much apprehension. I became depressed because I was not used to having a different health condition. It was also very bothering since it affects my vision, it makes me quite dizzy when I look at them and annoys me whenever I drive or use the computer.

I consulted with two more ophthalmologists and they diagnosed me with the same result. They also confirmed that my condition was not something to worry about and that it did not need any treatment.

I learned to live with this fact and this condition. I came to adjust to a vision with gray spots. During times of boredom, I try to amuse myself by trying to follow the spots. My family would even tease me and say that our plain white dog looked like a dalmatian to me.

Nowadays, however, I am happy to say that I am considering other options as well. The internet has given me more knowledge about it and the possible options and treatments. I have also made friends with those having eye floaters too. Because of these, I found out that people who have eye floaters may also consider surgery (for worse cases), eye exercises, and even health foods that can improve the health of our eyes. But it is important to know that if you have eye floaters, it is best to consult a licensed physician and get an accurate advise since each one’s actual diagnosis may be different.
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